march, 2020

tue31mar11:45 am2:00 pmStrengthen Your Guardian Qi with Robert Peng, Qigong MasterHarmonize Our Energy Patterns11:45 am - 2:00 pm Teacher: Robert Peng Aligned Living Quadrant:Knowledge of Systems,Mind-Body Awareness


(Tuesday) 11:45 am - 2:00 pm



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Join Qigong Master, Teacher and Healer Robert Peng at 11:45 am EST for this live workshop to learn to strengthen and harmonize our protective energy or Qi, a practice which The Aligned Center team has found especially beneficial and recommends during this time of the coronavirus.

Free to Attend
Join through this link at 11:45 AM on Tuesday, March 31st – just simply put your name and enter the room:

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art that uses breathing, movement, and visualization to circulate Qi energy, the life force that regulates health and wellbeing. It can benefit everyone, regardless of gender, age, or physical condition.

In this workshop with renowned Qigong master Robert Peng, we will focus on cultivating mental, emotional, and physical strength, and protection of the mind and body.

According to masters of Qigong, when our internal organs are strong and healthy, we generate an energy field that protects the body from the environment. This energy field is referred to as Guardian Qi.

It is said that a strong Guardian Qi enhances the immune system. In Winter, for example, some Qigong Masters meditate outdoors for hours by generating a powerful internal heat. They surround themselves with an invisible blanket of warmth, and therefore do not get sick.

Guardian Qi is said to act like a bulletproof vest that also protects one from mental and emotional stress. The connection between health and stress is well-known, and in Qigong, that connection depends on the condition of our Guardian Qi.

Practices taught:

  • Four Cycles (originating from the fabled Shaolin Temple, this is the basic exercise of Shaolin Temple monks for iron shirt, bullet proof and guardian Qi)
  • Wogu technique for creating a protective bubble of Qi
  • S Pattern Movement to reorganize our energy pattern to organic state
  • Group Healing

About Qigong:

“Robert’s Qi helped save my life. But he does something more important than heal, he teaches you to heal yourself. I am very fortunate to have found him.” – Sally Jessy Raphael, Talk Show Host

“A great Qigong Master. Robert Peng brings alive the life-enhancing art of Qi to the US and Australia. I have learnt a huge amount from him.” – Rupert Murdoch


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