Greg Thomas

PowerUp Productions

CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project

Greg Thomas, CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project, is a writer, intellectual, and entrepreneur. Among other models, he uses Integral metatheory and blues idiom philosophy to shed light on complex issues and to point a way forward and upward. As the co-founder of G&J Productions, Greg was instrumental in developing programs such as the National Jazz Museum in Harlem’s flagship interview series, Harlem Speaks. He has written about culture, race, and democratic life and values in publications ranging from the Village VoiceIntegral+LifeNew RepublicSalon, UPTOWN, The Root, the Guardian Observer, and the New York Daily News—as jazz columnist. Greg has lectured on American cultural history and jazz at Columbia, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Hamilton College and Harvard. See more about Greg at the site of the Jazz Leadership Project, as well as its blog, Tune In To Leadership.

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