Aligned Wealth

Bring Alignment to Wealth…

What does it mean to be truly wealthy?

This is the question that The Aligned Center founder Matt Ludmer asked himself repeatedly during his 30-year career on Wall Street as a Director and wealth manager first at Morgan Stanley and then at Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette and Smith Barney.

Achieving success amidst Wall Street’s high-stakes financial culture and guiding clients through the stomach-churning ebbs and flow of global markets offered unparalleled insight into the best methods and practices for building great wealth.

But it also revealed the cost of working tirelessly and exclusively to increase assets. While net worth may have been comfortably in the black, the pain of loneliness and fragmentation marked other areas of life impoverished by lack of awareness, care and attention.

Wealth Redefined

Matt Ludmer

Matt Ludmer

Aligned Wealth is wealth redefined to take into account all dimensions of our lives. In addition to best practice financial management, Matt’s decades-long studies as a meditator and student of Tibetan Buddhism, nondual Judaism and Integral Theory offered perspectives and practical tools for cultivating both inner and outer wealth. These insights were carefully crafted over years to inform Matt’s wealth management firm, Aligned Wealth LLC, which he launched in 2013 to cater exclusively to his long-term clients.

These insights also inspired The Aligned Center where we seek to not only offer time-tested excellence in financial and wealth management, but to bring alignment to all areas of our lives: Work & Wealth Abundance, Mind-Body Awareness, Heartfelt Community and the Knowledge of Systems.

This is what we mean by bringing Alignment to wealth. This is our definition of being truly wealthy. This is what we mean by Aligned Living.

Classes with Matt

Matt generously shares his wealth of insight in many courses at The Aligned Center. Classes change seasonally, so please visit our Events calendar to see what’s upcoming. A sample of Matt’s classes include:

man in a suit meditating

Invest & Relax

Learn about the philosophy that is changing the way the world invests by replacing speculation with education. Explore the nature of human development. And gain an understanding of how to build confidence in your financial security and more balance in all areas of your life.

man in a suit facing brick wall

Wake Up Wall Street

A revolutionary and transformative workshop for business professionals who seek not only to catalyze positive change in the world, but also strive for self-discovery and meaning. Explore the four dimensions of wealth—Mind-Body Awareness, Work & Wealth Abundance, Heartfelt community, and the Knowledge of Systems—to create a positive impact in ourselves, our community and society at large.


Aligned Living Essentials

What is the path of Aligned Living? Join The Aligned Center found Matt Ludmer for a tour of Integral Theory to learn the stages of human development, practices for deepening awareness, insights into growing more connected to community and identifying areas for greater success and growth.

Join Matt to learn how to:

Show Up, Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Light Up, Build Up, and Ease Up

Learn about Aligned Wealth

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