Aligned Living Conversations Series Bundle

Join us for one, two, three or all four of the events in our Aligned Living Conversation Series! Suggested price is $20 each or $60 for all four.

In each conversation of the series, Matt hosts a prominent thought leader in one of the four dimensions of Aligned Living: Mind-Body Awareness, Work & Wealth Abundance, Heartfelt Community and the Knowledge of Systems. Join us for a deep dive into paradigm-shifting ideas and practices that not only offer exciting perspectives, but uncover new possibilities in awareness, connection and success. This is what we call Aligned Living.

Suggested price: $60.00

Richer Wiser Happier Book Talk with William Green

Shadow Work with Eve-Marie Elkin

Conscious Leadership with Steve McIntosh

Food Systems with Paul Lightfoot

Minimum price: $0.00

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All four Aligned Living Conversations for the suggested price of three!