Contemplative Studies Minor at Purchase College, SUNY

The Contemplative Studies Minor at Purchase College, SUNY, is dedicated to integrating the art and science of contemplative practices into academic work in order for students to develop self-knowledge, resilience, critical awareness, and positive social engagement. This experiential approach complements a rigorous interdisciplinary academic investigation and discussion of contemplative practices in the sciences, humanities, and arts.?The minor is composed of courses already offered at Purchase, as well as the framework for faculty to develop courses dedicated to the minor. In addition, students can design an internship/independent study under the supervision of a Contemplative Studies advisor.

The Aligned Center has been honored to partner with Purchase College, SUNY, through Professors Joshua Lutz and Matthew Immergut, and the Contemplative Studies Minor program, collaborating on an annual lecture series as well as an ongoing student Fellowship at the Center.