How to Be Happy Calm & Focused, a Podcast with William Green, Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Daniel Goleman

Aligned Center member and author William Green became a co-host on Stig Brodersen’s The Investor’s Podcast Network in 2022.

In this episode, William Green speaks with two of the people he most admires: Daniel Goleman & Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Daniel is the famed author of “Emotional Intelligence,” an iconic book that’s sold over 5 million copies. He’s joined by Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a legendary Tibetan Buddhist meditation master who’s spent his life helping people around the world to gain greater peace of mind. Why listen to this conversation? Because it’s about how to be happy, calm, focused, clear-minded, grounded, & compassionate, so we can enjoy a deep sense of inner abundance.

  • What Tsoknyi Rinpoche learned from his extraordinary father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.
  • Why it helps not to suppress, judge, or resist your emotions, but to be aware of them.
  • How to “handshake” painful emotional patterns that Rinpoche calls “beautiful monsters.”
  • What science shows about the power of acknowledging & accepting our feelings.
  • What to do when these difficult emotions feel too intense & traumatic to handle.
  • How to settle your mind & reduce stress with a simple belly-breathing technique.
  • How to ease up with the help of Rinpoche’s subversive mantra: “Who cares? So what?”
  • How to practice “calm abiding” by focusing with gentle awareness on your breath.
  • How to meditate with open awareness, watching thoughts & emotions arise & pass.
  • How our minds catastrophize & how to prevent this emotional tailspin.
  • What science shows about how meditation improves our focus, calmness, & productivity.
  • How to deal with the worry that we’re not productive enough & are always falling short.
  • How to nurture an easy-going, light-hearted sense of “happiness without reason.”
  • How compassion, love, & care emerge when we’re free from our emotional baggage.

Watch this on YouTube here.