Matt Ludmer

The Power Pack: Tools to Thrive While We #StayHome

At a time when we are told to separate, we are delighted to see how our community is showing up for one another. 

Despite our best efforts to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, life during COVID-19 can leave us wanting more insight.  We hope that you find this Power Pack, featuring some of our Aligned Center teachers and valued thought leaders, rich in wisdom, practical guidance and a useful addition to your toolkit. 

Take care, 

The Aligned Center


Discovering the Nature and Opportunity of Crisis

Letter: COVID Whispering  – by Tara Bennett-Goleman, Psychologist, Teacher, and Author of Emotional Alchemy and Mind Whisperings
Aligned Center teacher and psychologist Tara Bennett-Goleman pens a poignant and reflective letter to COVID-19.She encourages readers to look at the broader meaning of this pandemic and consider its positive outcomes. 

Triumph Over Fear – Jeff Carreira, Philosopher, Author and Teacher
In this presentation, Jeff Carreira and Susan Kullman explore our relationship to fear during times of heightened anxiety. With their insight and knowledge, the awakened path to wholeness triumphs over worry. 

Opening Your Heart to the Challenge of Conflict – Jeff Carreira, Philosopher, Author and Teacher
In times of crisis, wouldn’t it be great to open to change rather than shrink from it? Settle in and set aside two quiet hours to listen to this recording of Aligned Center teacher Jeff Carreira helping us open our hearts and minds to the challenge of crisis. 


Emotional & Mind-Body Wellness 

Inner Secure Base – Tara Bennett-Goleman – Psychologist, Teacher, and Author of Emotional Alchemy and Mind Whisperings
In her infinite wisdom and understanding, Tara Bennett-Goleman writes about the fundamental need for an inner secure base. Creating this sense of safety and security is vital in times of turmoil and crisis. Tara incorporates psychological research as well as lessons from her mindfulness practice.  

The Neuroscience of Crisis – Dr. Daniel Goleman, PhD – Author of Emotional Intelligence
How does our brain react in a crisis?
The Vital Role of Resilience in Emergencies
Have you ever wondered what our brains experience during times of crisis and turmoil? Renowned author of Emotional Intelligence and Aligned Center teacher Dr. Daniel Goleman breaks down the neuroscience of catastrophe, offering insight and techniques to better navigate dilemmas. 

Strengthen Your Guardian Qi – Robert Peng – Qigong Healer, Master, and Author
Set aside 1 hour to learn what practice the monks of Shaolin Temple use to protect and support their bodies in times of stress and disease! Join Matt, The Aligned Center Team, and the almost 8,000 people who are using this training every day.

How to Meditate – Pema Chödrön – Ordained Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Author of Best-Seller When Things Fall Apart, and Principal Teacher, Gampo Abbey, Nova Scotia, Canada 
One of the most helpful practices during this time is daily meditation. We look to the ever-wise Pema Chödrön for simple instruction. Pema Chödrön, like Aligned Center Founder Matt Ludmer, studied the teachings of renowned meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.