Think And Grow Rich Resource Page

Intro and Desire

Recommended Book: Think & Grow Rich (TarcherPerigree 2005)

Recommended Workbook: The Think & Grow Rich Workbook (Tarcher 2009)

Book club video: Session One

Video: Napoleon Hill (until 2:20)

Video: Jim Carrey on Visualization (Start 0:35)

Video: Six Step Method for Transforming the Desire into it Material Counterpart

Video: Tony Robbins After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything!

Burning Desire

Ikigai Resource: A Practical Guide to Ikigai

Video: Morgan Freeman’s Aha! Moment

Video: Arpeggio – Love and Desire

Video: Elon Musk – Motivation: Believe in Yourself

Video: Aladdin the Genie part 1

Video: Oprah Recites Dr. Maya Angelou’s Poem “Phenomenal Woman”

Video: Alicia Keyes “Girl On Fire”

Faith and Autosuggestion

Book club video: Session Two

Video: Will Smith on believing in yourself- faith

Video: Oprah on Believing in Yourself

Video: IMG Speakers: Steve Harvey Discusses His Principles of Success (0:23-3:59)

Video: Undersea Volcano Eruptions

Specialized Knowledge and Imagination

Book club video: Session Three

Links to Online Courses: Forbes: Top 7 Websites For Free Online Education

Links to Online Courses: The Best Coursera Classes

Organized Planning and Decision

Book club video: Session Four

Self-Assessment: Self-Assessment Developed by Ray Dalio

Video: Planning can be stressful

Video: Wrong plan

Video: Planning is a process not an event: Simon Sinek: What the Military Teaches About the Importance of Planning

Video: Simon Sinek: “the best leaders are the best followers”

Video: Serving to lead: Anthony Robbins – Leadership – Becoming the Leader

Video: Office Space Self-Assessment

Video: Performance Evaluation

Persistence and Mastermind

Book club video: Session Five

Video: Finite Willpower

Video: Skateboarder

Video: How to Find a Why: Simon Sinek Motivation

Video: TED Talk: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance with Angela Duckworth

Video: Masterminds Movie Trailer

Video: Napoleon Hill on Mastermind

Video: How to Start a Fire

Video: Wizard of Oz Mastermind

Video: Overcoming Your Laziness in 2 Minutes

Sex Transmutation and The Subconscious Mind

Book club video: Session Six

Video: Peacock

Video: Schwarzenegger

Video: Sean Connery

Video: Sophia Loren

Video: Sexiest Man In Quarantine: Dan Levy | People (not shown in class)

Video: Science of Yoga Part 8

Video: The Masters: Richard Gere’s Daily Routine That Has Changed His Life

Video: Alexandra Miu on Shakti

Video: Bee Gee’s Stayin’ Alive

Video: Sade – By Your Side – Official – 2000 (not shown in class)

Video: Get Your Mojo Back

Video: Bird of paradise

The Brain Broadcasting and Receiving and The Sixth Sense

Book club video: Session Seven

Video: Shining Star

Video: Tony Robbins Incantations, Changing Your State

Video: Neuro Linguistic Programming

Video: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Confidence (not shown in class)

Video: Mirror Neurons (not shown in class)

Video: One particle in several places at once

Video: Sunday Service Choir – Rain

Video: Napoleon Hill Invisible Council (2:43 through 7:00 or so)

Fears, Negativity, Alibis

Book club video: Session Eight

Video: Not Afraid by Eminem

Video: The Funny Phobias Workshop

Video: Invisible Influence

Video: Facing Fears: Cesar 911

Video: Little Buddha

Final Session and Celebration

Book club video: Session Nine

Video: Kool & The Gang – Celebration