Heartfelt Community: Remembering Our Loved Ones



With Allison Gilbert

Series Begins July 14th

Acclaimed author and Emmy award-winning journalist Allison Gilbert is one of the country’s foremost thought leaders on grief and resilience. Allison offers a four-part series about how to grieve and remember loved ones in the uncertain time of COVID-19. How do we mark a loved one’s passing? How do we hold a traditional virtual memorial service? How can we make the most of family photographs and meaningful heirlooms? She explores how we can best use this time to honor and remember our loved ones to help the grieving process.  

Series Begins Tuesday, July 14th, 7:00 – 8:30pm EST, on Zoom.
$39 per Session, or $59 for two, $89 for three, $99 for all four sessions.


Saying Goodbye: How to Organize Meaningful Virtual Memorials
Tuesday, July 14th

Based on the latest findings from the Global Covid-19 Relief Coalition (the working group Allison belongs to that consists of more than 100 specialists from around the world who work with dying, death and grief on a daily basis), we will discuss:

• How to create the most meaningful remembrance events online.
• Step-by-step guidance for planning and organizing.
• Hidden strategies for tangible and tactile goodbyes, even during the coronavirus pandemic.


Grief & Anxiety: Best Ways to Survive & Thrive
Tuesday, July 21st

When we lose someone we love, we’re reminded of how little control we have over our lives. Emotions may run high and often they’re not easy to manage. Add concerns about the coronavirus and when life will ever get back to normal, and we find ourselves needing extra support and guidance.

In this session, you will:
• Learn one of the most important and essential factors that supports long-term healing.
• Understand the opportunities for remembering loved ones right now, no matter the status of Covid-19.
• Acquire new skills for curbing anxiety and anxious thinking.



Family Photographs: Meaningful Strategies for Organizing & Digitizing
Tuesday, July 28th

The best way to reclaim some much-needed power (especially when you’re missing a loved one who has died), is to take back what you can: Your immediate environment. Your home. Doing so will not only clear clutter, it will also boost your happiness and overall well-being.
In this session we will address:

  • How can I organize all my photographs?
  • What are some creative things I can do right now with all my pictures?
  • Where do I turn to get help with my 35mm slides, film reels and photo albums?


Objects & Heirlooms:
Clearing Clutter & Staying Connected

Tuesday, August 4th
RESCHEDULED for August 11th due to power outages

In this week’s conversation, Allison reveals strategies for going through cherished objects and heirlooms – which ones to keep, which ones to give away and which to completely transform and reimagine so they bring you more pleasure.

We will cover:

  • Why taking control of clutter is essential for happiness and healing.
  • Best strategies for sorting, donating and repurposing precious objects and heirlooms.
  • Creative opportunities for upcycling everyday household items, such as clothing, furniture, linens and more.